Probate & Will Drafting

Will Drafting and FREE storage service. 


Basic Will fees start at £160.00 + VAT, with a discount applied if 2 Wills are obtained in similar terms, this is then £275.00 + VAT for the pair. 

Contact us today for a questionnaire so that we can provide a no obligation, tailored fixed fee quote. this will also allow you to think about what you want and it will highlight some choices that you may not have considered previously.


Please note that 99% of Wills drafted by Winter Solicitors attract a basic charge of £160.00 + VAT, but for a will that is not basic an increased fee may be quoted.

Other fixed fees:

Probate: This is applied for by the executor when there is a will involved. fees depend upon the amount of work to be undertaken and the assets to be obtained and distributed. these are quoted upon request.

Basic fees to help you complete the Probate application form for Court and the basic inheritance tax form is charged at £500 + VAT fixed fee but this would be to obtain the certificate alone, based on the informaiton provided.

Grant of Representation / Letters of Administration: This is used where there is no will, this is known as passing intestate and as such the laws of intestacy will apply. 

The application is not much different than those in respect of Probate and as such the fees charged are the same.

Please note that Court fees will also be applicable.

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