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How much will it cost?

Helpful information about fees and charges.


Each matter is different and it can be very difficult to confirm how much something will cost but at Winter Solicitors we can offer you a range of options which will allow you to make an informed choice. Below we have supplied details of some of our fixed fee costs but keep an eye out for our special offers and discounts which we promote in the local area on social media.

The fees and charges can also be different depending upon the type of claim and there is always an option to instruct us on an hourly basis whereby each hour is split into 10, 6 minute units for charging purposes.

At Winter Solicitors, we also offer a payment plan for many of our customers, should you be unsure about fees, feel free to call our Miss Ruth Winter who will explain things further and give a personalised quote, if possible. At Winter Solicitors, we do not charge for this initial advice.


  • No Win, No Fee agreement

  • Any fees on successful conclusion, capped at 25%, including VAT

  • Criminal Injuries and Motor Insurance Bureau Untraced claims are completed under a Contingency Fee Agreement, this would only be payment upon success at 25% of award, including VAT


  • 'Paper' Divorce                £580 + VAT (£696)

    • Court Fee​                     £550

  • Marital finances              From £150 + VAT (£180), for an initial meeting to discuss the finance options depending upon work to be completed, mostly charged on an hourly basis, full details on request


  • Drafting basic will           £180 + VAT (£216)

  • Basic mirror wills            £300 + VAT (£360)

fee includes, 2 appointments, one at home, if required, storage of the will and 3 copies at the outset 

  • Probate / Grant of Representation / Letters of Administration              £500 + VAT (£600)

    • Court fee​                   £155


this fee is for the Court Application, this includes the basic inheritance tax forms IHT205, for more details please visit our dedicated page: 


There are 2 areas: Health and Welfare and Legal and Finance:

1 area: £330 + VAT, 2 areas: £625 + VAT, for a couple having 2 area's each the fee is £1,100 + VAT. This can be done at home or in the office and we often have special offers available. There is a registration fee at £82.00 per LPA but we assess you to see if this can be free or reduced based on income. All VAT is 20%.

Court fees listed are subject to annual review and increases. We will always review whether you can get a reduction of these fees based on your level of income.


Business will continue as usual but the office is closed unless you have a pre-booked appointment. We will provide our services by telephone, email, post and where required video link. Wills and Power of Attorney can be signed at the office or provided with detailed instructions on how to sign.