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This is applied for by the Executor when there is a Will involved. 

Grant of Representation / Letters of Administration: 

This is provided in a number of instances, where there is no Will, this is known as passing intestate and as such the laws of intestacy will apply. It can be provided when there is a will but the Executors have both passed away. What should be noted is that the process from our point of view is virtually the same so we group this action under the heading of probate.

Please note that Court fees will  be applicable in all matters and these are currently £273 but we will always assess whether you can apply for a reduction on the basis of income.

There are 2 services provided by Winter Solicitors:

1. Full Service: This is where we would write to all banks, creditors etc to establish, at the date of death the assets and liabilities held by the deceased. This service is charged on an hourly basis, currently £275.00 / hour + 20% VAT. This is broken down into 6 minute intervals and charged accordingly at £27.50 per unit + VAT. For instance a quick call or letter would be 1 unit and this cost £27.50 + VAT (£33). A full breakdown of price and an indication of full cost can be provided upon receipt of those who will need to be contacted.

If we can give you a fixed fee once we know the basics of what is required, we will try to do so to include all work associated with your matter, however, this will be an individual quote based on your specific needs. Feel free to approach us for FREE initial advice and a no obligation quotation.

With a full service we will also collect and distribute all funds once Probate is granted.

We cannot provide you with a timescale for a full service because it will depend upon how quickly we receive a response etc. The timescales once the Court is instructed etc will be the same as those where we act solely in obtaining Probate from the Court so please refer to that section for more information on timescales.

Checking Text on a Document

2. Fixed fee Service, Grant ONLY, basic forms: 

The cost: 

Our fees:                          £660 + VAT (£792)

Court fee, currently:       £273.00, reduction if elligible

Other possible disbursements:

  • Extra Grant of Probate copies from Court at £1.50 each.

  • Cost to place and advert in the gazette or local paper to protect the estate £100-200, a quote can be obtained if this is required and it will be explained to you during the process of the matter.

What is included?

  • Completion of any Court paperwork and submission of the application.

  • Completion of the basic inheritance tax form whereby the estate is exempt from paying inheritance tax, this being below £325,000. This form is called IHT205.

  • If the more complicated form needs to be completed for any reason, this will be charged in addition.

  • All communications, amendments and collation is included.

  • we will collect your data, complete the paperwork, submit this to the Court and close your file upon receipt of the Grant.

  • Assessment to pay reduced or free Court fees.

What is not included?

  • Obtaining all the figures for the IHT forms, all figures of assets and liabilities must be provided so that we can complete this information on the forms.

  • Collection or distribution of the estate.

  • Should it transpire that the larger inheritance tax form IHT400 is required, additional fees will be charged on an hourly basis, should this take longer than the IHT205 form.

How long will it take?

​Every matter is different but we aim to do the following:

  • 2-12 weeks to draft and release the paperwork for signature upon receipt of all information, depending upon complexity;

  • 1-2 weeks from receipt of the signed documents to submit them to Court;

  • 4-26 weeks for the Court to respond depending upon their workload;

  • 1-2 weeks to send out the Grant and close our files from receipt of the Grant from Court.

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