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Personal Injury / Accident Claims

Over 21 years experience

Our Personal Injury Service:

This professional service is for individuals who have suffered injury and financial loss as a result of an accident. We take away the stress and anxiety of bringing a claim by ensuring that you are always kept informed. From the outset you will have access to a friendly, approachable Solicitor who will be proactive in bringing your matter to a swift resolution. Our personal touch includes home visits, out of hours meetings and access via social networks. By entrusting us to deal with your claim you will be able to concentrate on full and fast recovery while we negotiate the maximum amount of compensation. 

'At Winter Solicitors we understand that it can be very daunting to choose a Personal Injury Solicitor after an accident. We pride ourselves in putting client's first and trying to ensure that you are kept informed at every step of your claim. Although we still use traditional methods of writing letters and making telephone calls, we will also text or email you. We have found that this provides a more immediate update for client's who are often still worrying about their injuries, getting their car fixed or even wanting to return to work. Our quick and simple update shows that we are working hard for you at all stages of your claim to ensure that you received the correct amount of compensation that you deserve. You will be asked at the outset your preferred method of communication so you have no need to worry. We are here to take the stress out of your claim so that you can focus on the important things; like getting better.'


Ruth Winter, Solicitor                               

We specialise in all types of accidents, including the following:​

  • Accidents at Work

  • Road Traffic Accidents

  • Slipping / Tripping claims

  • Supermarket accidents

  • Motorbike / cycle accidents

  • Criminal Injury Compensation Claims [CICA]

  • Motor Insurance Bureau uninsured or untraced claims [MIB]

  • Complex injury claims

  • Public Liability

  • Claims rejected or dropped by other Solicitors

  • If in doubt contact us for a FREE accident claim assessment

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