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Divorce & Financial Resolution

We offer fixed fee Divorces and Financial Resolution so that client's are aware of what they are receiving for their fee and they are worried about escalating costs. our fixed fees include a reasonable amount of telephone calls and correspondence so that you are not worried about contacting us and being charged each time for the privilege.

From the outset, our fees are clear and we offer a payment plan to ensure that client's are able to pay for their services at a rate that is comfortable for them.

Court Fees:

Court fees can be an expensive element of any Divorce, for instance the current fee to bring a Divorce is £650.00 + VAT. However, our specialist team will assess your needs to see whether you can apply to have the Court fee reduced or even waivered completely. This can apply to low income families and not just those on benefits.

Ask our specialist Solicitor today to see how you could benefit from our services.

Some examples of our fixed fees:

  • Amicable 'Paper' Divorce :​​​​

    • Petitioner / Applicant: £650.00 + VAT

    • Respondent: £350.00 + VAT

  • Financial resolution, on request 

  • Basic Pre-nuptual Agreement from £TBA depending upon the assets involved, quote available upon request

  • Please note that often Court Fees are also payable but we will always assess you to see if you are eligible for a Court fee reduction or often free fees.

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